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Secure Data Center Facilities – Welcome to the Cloud

Like money in a bank, Secure Fast Data believes that your valuable information should reside on modern up-to-date, reliable and redundant hardware, housed within a secure, environmentally conditioned, industry compliant data center. Whether its data center co-location to house your customer-owned hardware and resources, or a completely virtualized outsourced cloud solution…or combination of both, Secure Fast Data has the resources needed to get the job done.

Fast, Dedicated Fiber – Future Internet = Cloud

Secure Fast Data are experts in Private, Public and Hybrid Cloud Access. We take end-to-end control and ownership of the fiber network connecting your location to the data center…creating a completely private network for your valuable information resources. For multi-location companies, this dedicated fiber network topology is extended to all locations to create a fully meshed intra-company any-to-any private network. This is Secure Fast Data within your organization.

Public Internet access resides at all data centers and is included in all Secure Fast Data access services at no additional charge. This is Secure Fast Data outside of your organization.

Private, Public or both… Secure Fast Data

Premise Architecture – Making Your Premise Cloud Ready

We believe that your valuable information resources should be in a sound, secure, compliant off premise data center. But, migrating to an off premise data center usually involves a process. Secure Fast Data provides all the resources necessary to plan and assist in any data center migration project…including the readiness of your on premise environment to make the user experience and performance just as secure, fast and reliable when accessing information from an off premise data center as it is in an on premise environment.

Secure Fast Data specializes in providing premise based hardware as a service (HaaS), and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) via both wired and wireless architecture that is fully cloud managed and constantly monitored for performance. This includes network security, switching, wireless, VoIP phones and surveillance. Our services also extend to include structured cabling, electrical and energy efficiency to ensure redundancy, reliability and cost savings.

Always On…Always Available.